FoodBozo was once again treated to Chef Stemo’s savvy skills. This time, Chef Stemo invited FoodBozo to enjoy how he is able to nail the baking, offering up a fluffy chocolate cake and a few extra surprises!

2017-09 SM3

The simple chocolate cake, made from scratch of course, highlighted Stemo’s mastery of texture and his ability to modulate levels of sweetness. His careful and deliberate attention to maximizing fluffiness for this chocolate cake was appreciated. Chef Stemo’s home-made whipped cream provided an extra layer of taste to challenge an already satisfied palate.

2017-09 SM2

The perfect accompaniment to complement to this sweet and tender chocolate cake included biscuits and muffins. Everything was delicious with as well as without toppings, sauces, jams, cremes, and Chef Stemo’s home-made whipped cream. His baking creations retained their taste and freshness over a few days, with a toaster-over and butter & jam acting as the catalysts to resurrect the taste and moisture as intended by Chef Stemo.

2017-09 SM1


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