Impress Whoever You: The Ultimate Pasta Dish


The ultimate pasta dish.

to impress whoever you want..

really simple ..

and tasty ..

in a skillet put olive oil ..

generous portion of garlic chopped ..

cut small cherry tomatoes in half add to the skillet you can add parsley if you wish ..

add salt and pepper to your taste add bread crumbs not the cheap stuff..

lol ..

boil the pasta spagettini its bettet ..

cook to al dente ..

add the pasta to the skillet add some olive and some more bread crumbs ..

turn the pasta in skillet to absorb all the goodness…

and serve ..

no need to add parmesan cheese..

the best pasta dish ever your peeps will tell you .

peace out



FoodBozo was once again treated to Chef Stemo’s savvy skills. This time, Chef Stemo invited FoodBozo to enjoy how he is able to nail the baking, offering up a fluffy chocolate cake and a few extra surprises!

2017-09 SM3

The simple chocolate cake, made from scratch of course, highlighted Stemo’s mastery of texture and his ability to modulate levels of sweetness. His careful and deliberate attention to maximizing fluffiness for this chocolate cake was appreciated. Chef Stemo’s home-made whipped cream provided an extra layer of taste to challenge an already satisfied palate.

2017-09 SM2

The perfect accompaniment to complement to this sweet and tender chocolate cake included biscuits and muffins. Everything was delicious with as well as without toppings, sauces, jams, cremes, and Chef Stemo’s home-made whipped cream. His baking creations retained their taste and freshness over a few days, with a toaster-over and butter & jam acting as the catalysts to resurrect the taste and moisture as intended by Chef Stemo.

2017-09 SM1

Chef Stemo’s Construction BBQ Sauce

Imagine treating your taste buds to something named “Construction BBQ Sauce”.

What would it taste like? What intensity could it bring to your meats?

The appeal of Chef Stemo’s Construction BBQ Sauce is the mysterious ingredients that make this slowly cooked BBQ sauce a necessary pairing to chicken and possibly other meats too.


FoodBozo staff had the pleasure of sampling Chef Stemo’s Construction BBQ Sauce. Much like Chef Stemo’s recently reviewed Turntable Soup, Stemo’s creation certainly did not disappoint.

Chicken was the order of the day. And this BBQ sauce brought great flavors and taste to the grilled poultry. After applying the sauce to the chicken breasts, the chicken grilled very effectively and did not stick to the grill. The ease of grilling was achieved thanks to Stemo’s reluctance to use abrasive and low quality ingredients that would detract from purity of the sauce, and his willingness to commit to ingredients that enhance taste and favor flavor in place of preservation.


A hint of common and traditional BBQ sauce ingredients, namely Worcestershire sauce, chopped garlic, molasses, cider vinegar were certainly present. But was there any mango? Some sort of chutney added to the mi? And what was the ingredient that provided a very subtle spice to the sauce when it consumed raw?

The appeal of Chef Stemo’s Construction BBQ Sauce is the mysterious ingredients that make this slowly cooked BBQ sauce a necessary pairing to chicken and possibly other meats too.

Chef Stemo’s Turntable Soup

Oakville’s Chef Stemo affirmed his culinary versatility with a very well-put-together Turntable Soup. Chef Stemo, who has careered as a DJ and as a pilot, refuses to be pigeonholed as a Chef. Instead of specializing in one culinary domain, he strives for culinary flexibility and versatility, whether he is making trademarked Construction BBQ Sauce, his World Famous Rotational Cake, or his Turntable Soup.

2017-06-03 Soup 3

An intermediary delivered the generous and fresh batch of Turntable soup to FoodBozo staff on May 22nd. The sample was well packed in a paper grocery bag. The soup was sealed as per industry standards, and the seal’s integrity was maintained with the help of careful placement in the bag.

The soup featured a medley of vegetables, spices, and herbs. A colourful array of ingredients, namely purple beets, orange carrots, green beans, and colourful potatoes gave the soup a visual boost, providing a nice aesthetic feel.

Chef Stemo displayed a keen sense of texture when he ensured each of the ingredients was individually cooked to ensure a texture that allows for optimal taste and ease of consumption. Each ingredient held its own as a well prepared and enjoyable component of the soup that could be enjoyed independently of the other ingredients. Despite this independent streak for each element, each ingredient played an important role to brining the various elements of the Turntable soup together.

It was a pleasure discovering each element in isolation as well as in chorus with the other elements and ingredients. Beets paired well with carrots, the broth paired very well with the beans. This helped prove how the Turntable soup’s range of ingredients can be brought together in a dynamic capacity.

2017-06-03 Soup 4

Unexpectedly, short moments after each spoonful, a hint of spice tickled the throat. This light kick provided a nice finale from each spoonful, as if to say “Congratulations, you have enjoyed another taste of me, your yummy soup! You, my friend, are invited to try more of me!”.

With this gem of a soup now firmly under his belt, Chef Stemo is showing very strong potential with his burgeoning culinary enterprise.